who we are

who we are

Al-Anwar Company  for General Contracting and Supplies is one of the most important companies operating in the field of supplies and contracting in the Egyptian market, as the company has a set of capital, human and technological resources that helped the company to provide the best supplies and contracting services through the company’s commitment to global competitiveness criteria in terms of quality, prices and delivery terms, the place and time of delivery, after-sales services, and all other criteria that ensure the level of competitiveness of the company constantly increases, which has led to the company achieving continuous successes in the Egyptian market, as the company is witnessing a remarkable growth in the number of its customers, whether from the private or public sector. And then increase the market share of the company in the Egyptian market, which is the main pillar of the company in achieving its goals in terms of achieving further expansion in the local, regional and international market, in order to ensure in the end achieving the goals of customers, the company and the state as a whole.

The company relies on its success on the policy of orientation towards customers, employees and the state by meeting the desires and tastes of customers at the right time, in the right place and in the manner they desire, and the company also seeks to achieve the satisfaction of its employees; This is because they are the pillar on which the company relies in doing all its work in the best possible way. The employees are the hand and mind of the company in operating and managing its business, and then achieving its goals, and the company also seeks to contribute to achieving the goals of the Egyptian state, especially the sustainable economic, environmental, social and technological development goals, where the company has a prominent role in the field of new and renewable energy, and the fields of general supplies and contracting in Egypt, in order to ultimately serve the sustainable development goals that Egypt is striving to achieve, the company also hopes, through its conscious management and its future outlook for success and expansion, to become one of the leading and pioneering companies not only in Egypt, but also in the whole world.


The company seeks to be one of the best companies in the field of supplies and contracting at the local, regional and international level.


The company aims to provide the best supplies and contracting services with international quality levels at competitive prices that achieve satisfaction of the customers, sustainable development of the country, and profitability, growth, competitiveness, survival and continuity of the company.